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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

"Ladoo" might be the L in Android L 5.0

Back in 2013 we first saw people campaigning and sending signed petitions to Google requesting them to name the next version of Android by the Indian sweet "Ladoo". In India we distribute Ladoos whenever there is any function or a happy occasion in our family. Be in a Wedding or Graduation, we Indians distribute Ladoos and share our happiness with others.

It looks like Google has finally heard the voices of Indians who are Android Fans. I won't be surprised if Google announced today that the L stands for "Ladoo". After all, the head of Android is Sundar Pichai who is also of Indian origin and there is a possibility that he would have heard the voices of all the people who wanted the version to be named Ladoo. Earlier Indians had requested Google to name the 4.4 version as Kaju Katli which is also a delicious Indian sweet. They were disappointed when it was named KitKat. However, I have a feeling that Google will not disappoint their Android fans this time.

Google has left a few clues by releasing this video yesterday. I noticed in the video that along with all the other sweets (Gingerbread, Doughnuts, Cupcakes), there was a bowl of "Ladoos". It is clear from this picture-

Fingers crossed everyone. Ladoo might just be happening.
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