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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Zomato: The Ever Improving Social Media for Foodies!

I am sure all of you have heard of Zomato. For those of you who don't know what it is, I would explain it as - "The Facebook of the foodies, by the foodies and for the foodies."
It was founded in 2008 and has really taken of in the last 2 years and it is gaining importance day by day. They have even brought out their own mobile app and it is really elegant and beautiful.

There are many awesome features but my 3 favourite features because of which I visit the website and use the Zomato app are-

  1. The vast coverage of restaurants with complete details (including average cost of the food and special citibank offers). The app also includes the phone no. of the restaurant so that the user can make a call for reservations from within the app. Its so simple and brilliant!
  2. The newly introduced filters in the Zomato App so that the photos of the food taken can be beautified with special effects.
  3. The categorisation of restaurants (Eg: trending this week, Irani cafes, Hidden Gems, Pocket Friendly, Kickass Burgers etc.) It really makes it easier for the user to search for new places to eat.

However, there are few things which can be improved upon and added. The 3 major things what every Zomato user according to me would need are-
  1. A dedicated search bar for finding friends who are users of Zomato with ease through the website and the mobile app. (Find the screen shots of the website and app attached).
  2. A Zomato user should also be able to suggest which restaurants can be included in which category. Zomato should conduct a monthly/quarterly poll suggesting users of all regions to add a restaurant that they feel should be included in a particular category. Depending on the polling results, Zomato can incorporate the same. It would make the users more enthusiastic. Also Zomato should allow users to start events so that all the foodies can get together occasionally and gorge on delicious food at their favourite restaurants. This feature can be named as "Going Dutch."
  3. In the future, Zomato should slowly enter into arrangements with various restaurants such that a user can directly make table reservations from the zomato website or through the app and with a possibility of making the payment of the bill also through the app. I know it is a huge task but it would really take Zomato to the next level.

There must also be a secondary search bar to search for other zomato users
Same feature must be incorporated in the app too
I personally love the concept introduced by Zomato. This company really has a bright future. Watch out for their name.