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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lance Armstrong - Doped or Duped?

There is hardly anyone in the World who hasn't heard of Lance Armstrong. He is one of the greatest icons for sports. Its not just winning Tour de France multiple times that makes him an icon, its his attitude, perseverance and dedication that makes him the icon he is. It really hurts to see him being stripped off his titles.

People have varied opinions regarding this issue. Some support him and many oppose him. The only think ironic here is that they are stripping him of the titles 16 years after he won his 1st one.

Everyone needs to consider the following before passing a judgement on Lance Armstrong-
  • There are doping tests that are conducted before the cycle races. All these test results have been negative.
  • All throughout his career, he has taken around 600 drug tests and never been tested positive.
  • Why is this issue coming up after his retirement in 2005 and after winning 7 Tour de France titles without being tested positive for any drugs?
The coming week, Lance Armstrong is being interviewed by Operah Winfrey. People are anticipating  Lance Armstrong to be grilled by Operah. But I believe only one thing- Lance has won the titles fair and square. Nothing has been proved against him during his career. Even if he is charged with doping, he still has won his titles in accordance with the rules of the race.

Fighting cancer and making a career comeback is no joke. He has also done a lot for cancer patients and the Society through his "Lance Armstrong Foundation". I would say that there has been a lot of injustice done to him. He may have doped, but he really has been duped. But he has already proven to the World that he is a Fighter and a Winner! It is truly said-
"Winners make Goals, while Losers make Excuses."