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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Calculation of Leave available for Study for CA Students

Dear fellow CA students.

You must be working really hard the whole day. Morning classes, then your articleship then again evening classes. You must be wondering as to how much time you will get time to study for your CA exams and whether the days will be enough for preparation.

You need not look any further! If you feel you need 90 days then you can plan, if you need 120 or even 150 days, you can still plan. I have created a leave calculator which allows you to know how much leave you have at your disposal. Not only that you can decide how much leave you want to take in order to get enough time to study without having to serve an extension period.

Find the link to the excel sheet here.

Before you start calculating your leave I have taken the following into consideration.

1. In the 1st and 2nd year of articleship I have assumed that you would be working for 6 days a week and in the 3rd year 5 days a week.
2. You can change the dates according to when your articleship commenced.
3. You can make changes in the holiday list.
4. You can pre-decide as to how much leave you want to take in the 3rd year as study leave. You can put your own dates.
5. The calculation of excess will be done for you automatically. You should be fine as long as the excess leave shows "0", else you might have to serve an extension.

I have tried my best to simplify this. Go ahead and download the sheet.
If you make your own calculation and it differs from the one on this excel sheet, then you can either leave a feedback by way of comments or email me with your calculation so that I can make changes and upload the revised sheet.

Your Friend and Fellow CA Student,

Note: This is for students who have 3 years of articleship and not 3.5 years.
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